Update to a new version or branch

Build yourself instead of download

AndroidAPS is not available as download due to regulation for medial devices. It is legal to build the app for your own use but you must not give a copy to others! See FAQ page for details.

Important notes

Quick walk-through for experienced users

Please skip this paragraph if you update for the first time. The quick walk-through is for experienced users. Your next step would be to install git if you do not have it already.

If you already updated AAPS in previous versions and use a Windows PC you can update in four simple steps:

  1. Export your settings from the existing AAPS version on your phone to be on the save side
  2. Update local copy (VCS->Git->Pull)
  3. Generate signed APK (Select ‘app’ instead of ‘wear’ on your way!)
  4. Depending on your BG source make sure to identify receiver in xDrip or use the patched Dexcom app from the 2.4 folder.

Install git (if you don’t have it)

Follow the manual on the git installation page.

Update your local copy

  • As of version 2.7 repository location changed to https://github.com/nightscout/AndroidAPS. If you are not familiar with git the easiest way for update is remove directory with AndroidAPS and do a new clone.

  • Click: VCS -> Git -> Pull

    Android Studio - GIT - Pull

  • Click Pull (no changes in dialog field)

    Android Studio - GIT - Pull 2

  • Wait while download is in progress.

    Android Studio - Pull in progress

  • When done Android Studio will inform you that “all files are up-to-date”.

    All files up to date

Generate signed APK

* Click "Build" in the menu bar and select "Generate Signed Bundle / APK...".

Build apk

  • Select “APK” (1.) instead of “Android App Bundle” and click “Next” (2.).

APK instead of bundle

  • Make sure that module is set to “app”.
  • Select your key store path by clicking on “Choose existing...”.
  • Enter your passwords for key store and key.
  • If the box to remember passwords is checked you don’t have to enter them. In case the box was not checked during last build and you cannot remember the passwords refer to the troubleshooting section.
  • Click “Next”.

Key store

  • Select build variant “fullRelease” (1.).
  • Check boxes V1 and V2 for signature versions (2.).
  • Click “Finish”. (3.)

Finish build

  • Android Studio will display the information “APK(s) generated successfully...” after build is finished.
  • In case build was not successful refer to the troubleshooting section.
  • Easiest way to find the apk is to click on “Event log”.

Build successfully - event log

  • In the event log section click “locate”.

Event log - locate apk

  • app-full-release.apk is the file you are looking for.

File location apk

Transfer APK to smartphone

Easiest way to transfer app-full-release.apk to your phone is via USB cable or Google Drive. Please note that transfer by mail might cause difficulties and is not the preferred way.

On your phone you have to allow installation from unknown sources. Manuals how to do this can be found on the internet (i.e. here or here).

Check AAPS version on phone

You can check the AAPS version on your phone by clicking the three dots menu on the top right and then about.

AAPS version installed


See separate page troubleshooting Android Studio.